Days 2/3

It’s the weekend…we don’t really go anywhere on the weekend usually so it was difficult to think of anything to do today and yesterday. But we went to a farmers’ market on Saturday and I gave a few dollars to the random guitar-playing person. Today worries me because I really don’t want to get behind! >.<


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Day 1

So today was kind of a failure but it’s too soon to quit (not that I would, of course). So I brought the flowers, but I’m kind of stupid apparently because for some reason I put them in a paper bag and they got a little wilty. But a few of my friends supported me and wanted them, yay. My friend Becky actually wanted the whole entire bag full, I’m not entirely sure why. So it wasn’t really the widespread thing I had hoped for/envisioned, but oh well. Tomorrow’s the weekend, so I wonder what I’m going to do? Ideas?

Today was also the Day of Silence at my school; I “participated” but I forgot a few times and started talking. Just wanted to add that haha.

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Day 0

Tomorrow, Day 1, I hope to bring flowers to my group of people who sit with me before homeroom.  A large tree grows in my backyard with huge white and pink flowers that only grow for one day a year.  Their day of blooming was today, and I’m wrapping them in napkins hoping they will last until tomorrow morning, haha.  Hopefully it will brighten someone’s day!

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Okay, so, although I’m currently only seventeen, I feel like I’ve been depressed for a very long time. Recently, I have come to feel like I am…less so, I guess you could say? I feel motivated to try to replenish the Universe with some of the happiness I may have lost during past times, and this is my attempt at just that. I am going to try to do one kind thing a day for the next 365 days and I feel like this blog will help me to be consistent about it. Some days it may only be small things, like a compliment to someone I used to have pointless negative feelings about, but I will do something nice every day, and post about it here. The goal is to try to make the Universe a better place, and perhaps through my kindnesses encourage others to do the same. If even one person has the kind of epiphany I have in this regards, if even one person is motivated to do something nice then I have accomplished my goal. I know this is a very easy goal and many others do the same every day without even a thought, but this is a big step because I was prior such a negative person. Thanks for reading =)

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